Shibui Found Image Art Portfolio from Anisette Studios, Pejj Nunes.

Hello! I’m Pejj Nunes. I am an artist, developer of an art form I call Shibui Found Image Art, there for I am a Shibuiest, writer and poet and blogger for Good Morning Sunshine!

Fishy Things?
Morning Dove In The Mountains
Shibui Abstract
Ocean Rider

These Shibui began with action art, and became found image art. There is no pre-drawn under-structure.

You can see more Shibui at:

Project Name

I began to develop Shibui Found Image Art in 2011. It begins with action art, and then becomes found image art. There is no pre-drawn under-structure, but the goals are to create an illusion of realism or abstract are using various wet mediums, and techniques. It is always an original art form which along with action art, needs intentional work to complete its illusion. My intent is to teach the foundation so that others can use it as a revenue stream; as original art or as an art therapy tool. I instruct in the foundation. I need artist and art therapist to excite other places like NeuroRestorative, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, The Barbra Bush Cancer Center, who use art therapist. Clients can turn this into their own revenue streams. I do recommend learning the business end of art as well. I can advise on this. My control group is called Shibui Found Image Art Live on Facebook, request to join group. Note I am returning to group with the goal of it being more for my instructors like Julia Waite Baker who plans to work with cancer patients. She is working on becoming a certified instructor. Email me at or Depending on interest there is a goal to develop a bigger project. Currently I am writing an instruction manual for instructors which will explain the process of creating the foundation. Presentations can be requested at this time. Zoom meetings will be an option in the future depending on interest.

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