Good Morning Sunshine! “I Won’t Count This One!___”

Joyce Hifler to the rescue! The book, Pathways. Some of you may know I open up to a page to find something applicable and it always seems to be right there!. Much to my surprise, I found the following. Rip van Winkle? Hifler writes. “Rip van Winkle, the classic character of the long nap, would… Continue reading Good Morning Sunshine! “I Won’t Count This One!___”

The Dada Movement

The origin of the name Dada is ambiguous, considered a nonsensical word. The word came out of a negative reaction to the atrocities of the First World War. It became both an art and literary movement, both based on deliberate irrationality and negation of traditional artistic values. This was an international movement, pulled together a… Continue reading The Dada Movement

Good Morning Sunshine! What Is Going On In The World?

“It is good to know what is going on in the world___we need to be aware of situations and circumstances that affect out lives daily___but we can become so saturated with outside information that we lose track of our own minds, our own ability to think past what we have repeated and repeated to us… Continue reading Good Morning Sunshine! What Is Going On In The World?

Good Morning Sunshine! Perception____.

“The doors of perception are in fact the sensory portals though which we experience the world. In human beings, as in most animals, informational environment inputs are processed through the sensory modalities all of us are familiar with” sights, sound, taste, smell, and feelings__which is similar to touche but different from emotion, i.e., how a… Continue reading Good Morning Sunshine! Perception____.