Alumni of the University of Southern Maine. Developer, and instructor of Shibui Found Image Art.

My name is Pamela, I am also know as PJ or Pejj Nunes

I am an artist who does photography and I have and will put together professional portfolios for students and others. I am a printmaker. Paint oil paintings and watercolors. I have created sculptures. I paint on hard maple wooden eggs and bowls. I develop Shibui Found Image Art and instruct in it.

I write poetry and have writing projects as well.

My Past Experiences

Anisette Studios Portfolio
(2014 – 2016)
Preparing professional portfolios for college-bound art students.

Anisette Studios & Teaching Studios
(2003- 2017)

Teaching studios for art, and sculpture.

Anisette Studios & Mini Gallery
(2015 – 2019)

Small Mini gallery and working studio.

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