Good Morning! Sunshine! Finding Peace.

“It is never the big things that make me peaceful,” a friend once remarked, “but the little things____” This peace is approached differently by everyone, but most admit it is the quiet, simple way of life that makes the easiest living. When calm and contented we are able to think wonderfully positive things. We allow… Continue reading Good Morning! Sunshine! Finding Peace.

Good Morning! Strength and Belief___

Strength, and belief___my beloved Joyce Hifler who comforts me and inspires me. The way the world is at this time we need strength, belief, and inspiration. Hifler writes, “So many people give thought, strength and belief to bad as being equally as powerful as good. In doing so they create unbelievable barriers they cannot cross.… Continue reading Good Morning! Strength and Belief___

Good Morning Sunshine! I will remember happy things!

I hope you will enjoy Joyce Hifler’s soothing words from To Everything There Is A Season. as much as I do, its very timely. “I shall remember the happy things, I shall remember the special persons, the peaceful, tranquil times. I shall live each moment with the same joy, seeing the best in everyone, finding… Continue reading Good Morning Sunshine! I will remember happy things!