Good Morning Sunshine! Changing things up!


A wonderful sunny day! I went out on the back deck this morning to catch the red light of the sun. A new practice for me. I did not take the kindle into the bedroom last night. I take it in to listen to an audiobook and relax. So I told myself. Not so good an idea. It does keep my mind awake. Because I did not take it to bed with me I do feel a difference today, and I woke up dreaming! I also meditated with stones before going to sleep.

I am looking at what I eat to learn how it affects my whole body. Learning about gut health as well. The thing I am doing is making good changes. Adding the iodine, Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium has made changes I feel. My body is physically different. I added a seed mix to peanut butter on toast today. I will look at what will be antiinflammatory for my body. Such as adding turmeric, cinnamon, other spices, and herbs____ in doing so I will track changes.

There are differences in skin and hair, and eyes. I notice the changes in my fingernails the tips of the nails are whiter, the nails harder, and the ridges that are on my thumbs are smoothing out. My eyes are brighter. My eyes are turquoise and it pleases me that they are a pretty, brighter, stronger color. There was a time when they had changed and reflected on my health at that time. What we eat truly matters!

I am looking at my environment as well. How can I change it? I added a humidifier and air filter. But I am looking at the fabrics even. These fibers get into the air. What am I breathing in? My goal is to go through and clean and clear.

May you all have a great day!

By Pejj Nunes

I live in Southern Maine. I am the owner of Anisette Studios. My website is Here you can view and purchase Shibui, sign up for my newsletters, blog, and read articles about Shibui Found Image Art. Patrons get great deals several times a year and special items at times. My site makes it easy to contact me. My primary art form is Shibui Found Image Art. Shibui begins with action art and stems from the imagination. It is like seeing something in the clouds or solving a puzzle. Its creative process has its own rules and requires what I call reverse engineering due to a lack of an understructure and purely out of the imagination. In addition to those who patron me, my target groups are those who use art therapy. I will soon be teaching live. Contact me if you would like to learn live. I use Zoom. I request that although my art, other images, and what I write is now published by me here on WordPress; I do ask you do not to use my artwork, poetry, or the information about Shibui Found Image Art without my permission. I am quite available to make such requests. I wish to share the following: The existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote a book called The Ethics of Ambiguity. In it, she lays out a guiding ethic in response to the philosophy of existentialism. It might be somewhat familiar to you already. She writes, “To will oneself free is also to will others free. This will is not an abstract formula. It points out to each person concrete action to be achieved.” Best wishes to all! Have good times and keep safe! Pejj

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