Good “afternoon!” Sunshine! It’s Sunday!

Today I climbed out of bed, managed the hair, and made myself breakfast. The kind of breakfast I had not made in some time! One with some bacon and eggs, toast and raspberry jelly, and black coffee. Then I watched a lovely movie, rather than write, right away. Feeling great! Feeling great has nothing to… Continue reading Good “afternoon!” Sunshine! It’s Sunday!

Art and Design Series

Primary, Secondary, and Peripheral Events These three types of events are determined by their dominance in their fields. They are also known as primary, secondary, and peripheral relationships within those same fields. Such events often dominate one another in their fields, and they establish hierarchical relationships based on ranking-order. However, they are neither fixed nor… Continue reading Art and Design Series

Art And Design Series.

Primary, Secondary, and Peripheral Relationships. In design, there are there is between one, several, or many field-event relationships. These are primary, secondary, and peripheral relationships. A primary relationship is central to the conception and form of the design.” This is what we notice first when looking at a Shibui foundation. The primary relationship is “the… Continue reading Art And Design Series.

Art And Design, Dominance in Design.

Dominance In Design A reminder of what field-event relationships are: “A field consists of a set of characteristics (or properties) for example, light, warm and transparent.” These particular properties work well when you consider Shibui. When a foundation begins one of the first things you deal with are its properties. They are found in the… Continue reading Art And Design, Dominance in Design.

Art And Design Series. Dominance in Shibui.

Dominance When it comes to Shibui Found Image Art, the events within the field have dominance. They are what stands out. There is an order of importance in which to pay attention. The field, in the case of a Shibui foundation, acts as the “ground”. The ground or the field support what is dominant in… Continue reading Art And Design Series. Dominance in Shibui.

Art And Design Series.

A Continuum Examining visual models where both fields and field-event relationships exist you will find “conceptual polarities on a theoretical design continuum.” What does this mean exactly? The meaning is found in the following words. “The continuum itself graphically symbolizes unity.”. A central principle of the field-event theory is that designs typically establish visible orientation… Continue reading Art And Design Series.