Good “afternoon!” Sunshine! It’s Sunday!

A bit of diva inside. Thomas helped me find her, in that with him I could be me! And he, he was who he was. There is no bond better than that. Because you can thrive, become yourself, be “one to be two, and two to be one.” It is acceptance of the self, it is embracing all that you are, and loving it in each other.

Today I climbed out of bed, managed the hair, and made myself breakfast. The kind of breakfast I had not made in some time! One with some bacon and eggs, toast and raspberry jelly, and black coffee. Then I watched a lovely movie, rather than write, right away.

Feeling great! Feeling great has nothing to do with the state of anything else other than the self! The rest? It is secondary or the periphery! LOL! I am the event! And I am ok with this! We all are events within a field of other things.

I caught hold of a feeling today and I want to savor it, and have my brain bring it up daily! It is a sense of feeling truly present. Nothing else leaked in the feeling, because those things have become “just thoughts”, that is all they are____. I realized that I simply needed to believe that fact. “This is how this works!” I thought.

I love feeling happy deep inside. Other things feel possible when you’re happy. Yes, there is a lot of crap out there___but inside me, around me?

I feel, and think___”My space is ok because I am ok.”

I send out good intentions for everyone daily because I believe we are all connected. I feel good that I think of the whole world every day, and I say to the connection I believe it there, “May the world heal, and may all human beings find healing answers to what hurts so deeply. May covid end____May people realize what their roles need to be with all that matters to them” Rather than think, “What can I do to affect life around me___all the problems there are, these are too many, after all, I am just me___” I thought I can send good intentions out into the world for everyone, because it may be that someone is hurting so much, so deeply he or she can’t ask for his or herself. I feel I am doing something! At it does matter! It matters to me! I should be able to believe in the thoughts I have! Even science has tested the power of prayer, of intention, and it’s recordable! The world runs on this oneness, we just need to believe it and send it forth.

They say humor is healing, that we should laugh a lot more! And perhaps be a bit vampy! This thought makes me laugh at myself, as being vampy was the last hat I would ever put on! My personal list of hats wear___ being a wife, Mom, gardener, herbalist, artist, poet, writer,____Motherhood alone has such a mile-long list of hats to wear. Like Taxi cab driver, friend, life coach, seamstress, cook, nurse____ you get the idea. And if you work too! An even longer list of who you are. Men wear the same kinds of hats as fathers. We all wear hats, and we change them out.

The point is that we are under all those hats! The point is those hats do come off and underneath them, all, who you are is the most important, and it’s not a hat at all! We all must take care of ourselves.

By Pejj Nunes

I live in Southern Maine. I am the owner of Anisette Studios. My website is Here you can view and purchase Shibui, sign up for my newsletters, blog, and read articles about Shibui Found Image Art. Patrons get great deals several times a year and special items at times. My site makes it easy to contact me. My primary art form is Shibui Found Image Art. Shibui begins with action art and stems from the imagination. It is like seeing something in the clouds or solving a puzzle. Its creative process has its own rules and requires what I call reverse engineering due to a lack of an understructure and purely out of the imagination. In addition to those who patron me, my target groups are those who use art therapy. I will soon be teaching live. Contact me if you would like to learn live. I use Zoom. I request that although my art, other images, and what I write is now published by me here on WordPress; I do ask you do not to use my artwork, poetry, or the information about Shibui Found Image Art without my permission. I am quite available to make such requests. I wish to share the following: The existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote a book called The Ethics of Ambiguity. In it, she lays out a guiding ethic in response to the philosophy of existentialism. It might be somewhat familiar to you already. She writes, “To will oneself free is also to will others free. This will is not an abstract formula. It points out to each person concrete action to be achieved.” Best wishes to all! Have good times and keep safe! Pejj

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