Good Morning Sunshine! Become! Who You want to be!

Encourgae others to be do something people! “We must be watchful for opportunities . We must seek beyond our own small personal desires to find anything of lasting value. When we seek only to satisfy ourselves, we become stagnant and sooner or later fall into a pattern of existing without a purpose.” J. Hifler. “To… Continue reading Good Morning Sunshine! Become! Who You want to be!

Good Morning! Sunshine! Nope, Snow!

Claude Debussy and powdery snowfall! The fireplace’s going, although it is electric____but it gives the warmth___without the crackle___the illusion. But lugging wood would not work for me. I have thought of gas one day? Now? A snow-globe world outside the picture window! With slow-moving traffic, a dump truck sanding____folowed by a long string of many… Continue reading Good Morning! Sunshine! Nope, Snow!

Good Afternoon! Sunshine!

Another bit of poetry about childhood. From Joyce Hifler’s book To Everything, There Is A Season. One of my favorites. “You have not dreamed until you’ve dreamed___a childhood dream, you see____You haven’t thought a happy thought___or know just how to be___a king or Queen or circus clown___or a forest ranger brave____You haven’t lived a real… Continue reading Good Afternoon! Sunshine!