Good Morning! Sunshine!

Not today! I will have to be my own sunshine!

Today it’s rainy out there! Dark skies so I need lights on. I wonder if this means a mixed bag of weather today, snow is coming. Time will tell.

I am looking down at my hands and I have ink spots on my right hand from filling the fountain pen. I was writing pen pals letters last night. I still have 16 more envelopes to go. I am catching up on letters to my friends, family, and my pen-pals. I must have had some on the nib and did not notice. The color is called Heron, a teal color. It will be a perfect day to wrap up letter writing.

Some Joyce Hifler. “Come with me through the snow-filled woods and feel their quiet peacefulness reach into your soul. Here in the serenity of this trackless forest, there is communion with life in the deepest sense. There is a contrast between the bright flash of the redbird’s wing and the soft furry blending cottontails with the snow. An even greater contrast lies between the quiet air where breath hangs in a misty vapor and the moving, thriving life beneath the blanket of white where nature is already preparing for another season.” I must get out into the woods, it has been a while, a nice winter walk. “Above our heads, the trees interlock their ice-covered branches forming a gossamer pattern as intricate as the spiders’ web. The air is so crystal clear that the tinkling of a cowbell carries across the from the woodland barnyard. The skaters on the pond and the sleds along the slope have rhythm and movement in keeping with the long, silent strains of sound heard. but unheard. To stand breathlessly still relates to the timelessness, the seeming weightlessness of a thousand diamonds caught in space.” I love those days when the world is an amazing view of crystals hanging from everywhere and the snow is spread with diamonds!

“Is this forever? There are no visible signs of change. There is nothing to promise that these woods will ever give birth to new life. Truly everything is beautiful in its time, but everything must continually have a new season in which to be beautiful, breaking up to rebuild, Even in the beauty and healing solitude of these beautiful woods, we must know that this too shall pass. it will pass in the orderly procession of nature that it might come again, not as a cold, barren waste, but as a magical mystical winter wonderland that breathes silently and majestically with pulsating life and purpose.”

What a lovely picture Joyce Hifler paints. As I read this I thought of how people are this way as well. I think of the processing of the last year, and how I feel so much lighter these days. I am happy despite missing Thomas. I am excited about preparing the house for Christmas! I am loving the changes I have made in my home so it is embracing and cozy. I love the changes in myself. Life, I can see is beginning with a new path forward. And I am going to be ok!

By Pejj Nunes

I live in Southern Maine. I am the owner of Anisette Studios. My website is Here you can view and purchase Shibui, sign up for my newsletters, blog, and read articles about Shibui Found Image Art. Patrons get great deals several times a year and special items at times. My site makes it easy to contact me. My primary art form is Shibui Found Image Art. Shibui begins with action art and stems from the imagination. It is like seeing something in the clouds or solving a puzzle. Its creative process has its own rules and requires what I call reverse engineering due to a lack of an understructure and purely out of the imagination. In addition to those who patron me, my target groups are those who use art therapy. I will soon be teaching live. Contact me if you would like to learn live. I use Zoom. I request that although my art, other images, and what I write is now published by me here on WordPress; I do ask you do not to use my artwork, poetry, or the information about Shibui Found Image Art without my permission. I am quite available to make such requests. I wish to share the following: The existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote a book called The Ethics of Ambiguity. In it, she lays out a guiding ethic in response to the philosophy of existentialism. It might be somewhat familiar to you already. She writes, “To will oneself free is also to will others free. This will is not an abstract formula. It points out to each person concrete action to be achieved.” Best wishes to all! Have good times and keep safe! Pejj


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