Good Morning Sunshine, we are not straw___.

Good Morning Sunshine! We are not straw___

“We are not straws in the wind to be blown in every direction___but important persons who can take command and make every minute of this new day something to remember.” The thing is to think it, and not resist such a fine thought. It wont feel easy. It will feel clunky and mechanical, but it can be done. What we tell ourselves, and allow ourselves to feel can be a big “I gotcha ya!” It is always some sort of thing that comes along. People doing things, and then how we feel about those things. Or death___a much more personal, and intimate death this time. I have never been so entangled___I will be when it comes to my kids. As is said, they should not die before you. But yet they do. This is not to be about death___.

This is about taking control of our lives. And moving into it despite what has happened. Regarding this I certainly do not know everything. But I think, well this is what I know so far. This is my experience of this.

Changing the subject on myself seems to be a good one liner to use on myself. A good action to take.

I still get heavy moments where I notice my body feels heavy. When it reaches my upper body and arms as a physical weight it is time to check in with myself, to see where I am at. This happens out of the blue. Trying not to go there. Getting up and doing something to change the topic on myself seems to work. After all one should move out of the chair. I did well today by running an errand and housework, no particular project which I do have. It is a rainy day. I have left on my rain boots so to remind myself to get gas, although I am good as there is 55 miles to go. The gas is just around the corner.

Back to the train of thought.

“Following a hunch is sometimes like following a path into the deep woods. Your not so sure you know what is there, but the lure of something keeps telling you to go on. Sometimes it is the merest hint of some treasure hidden just around the corner, and though you have visions of a possible tiger waiting on the path, a hunch is a hunch and you can not resist it. ___Great discoveries are made every minute because someone has that sense of adventure. All of us get those little promptings, but become lazy or over practical we fail to follow them. And we miss out on a lot of enjoyment and success because of it. Yet, some prefer the usual and the predictable___probably out of fear of tigers.”

Oh! Lord! Been here! I will say laziness does not fit being in a grieving. Yet something in me prompted me to respond to Tom’s death as I did. And I paid attention. I love paths but to venture out into a deep woods? Well, doing what I am doing with Shibui is the deep woods and I am 66 years old. I feel I must not think about how old I am! I must think “You can do this! And you have read, and seen folks a lot older than you do really marvelous things with their lives! And I want to be just like that and treat life as an adventure despite how I physically am. One does have to have their health. But issues___I am determined to believe there is some way around things. I may mean I have to give and take, be more out going, reach out to ask for help. Certainly to sell to others what I believe Shibui Found Image Art can do to help the world at large. It wont go anywhere if no one knows about it! So I decided to try blogging. What I have found to my delight is there are many interesting people doing many different things I love and have an interest in! I love it!

I learned from pen palling many years ago that for a pen pal to know you over time, and because there is no face to face, that one must risk giving up who they are a bit then more over time. If you don’t the other person will not know who you are. And wont give up who they are. I learned we are more alike than different. What we experience is differently done.

“When two or more people walk together in the deep woods, everyone has to be a good bush person. If one walks the path ahead of the other, he holds the strong green branches until his partner is clear. Should he turn it loose, the strong snap-back would injure him.” Or her. “As we walk together in life we also need to be good brush partners. If we look out for each other, there will be less breakage, less injury to the heart and hand and spirit. We could do a great service by holding words that should not be turned loose, by controlling our thoughts, and considering the people who travel with us.” These lovely thought are from Joyce Hifler’s book titled Pathways. I love her words, as I have read them at various times. I have listen and found these same ideas, and I agree with most all of what I share. These thought inspire me to respond to them. I could spend time and write my own, but I like to think I honor Joyce Hifler by passing what I admire on. I can externalize these and be inspired to write yes. But for now____.

“Joyce Sequichie Hifler is an author of many books and the nationally beloved inspirational column Think on These Things. Descended from the Sequichie family who emigrated to Oklahoma over the Trail of Tears, she grew up in Cherokee country in rural Oklahoma. Today she lives with her husband of 28 years outside Bartlesville, Oklahoma.”

Best wishes! Love to all! Pejj


By Pejj Nunes

I live in Southern Maine. I am the owner of Anisette Studios. My website is Here you can view and purchase Shibui, sign up for my newsletters, blog, and read articles about Shibui Found Image Art. Patrons get great deals several times a year and special items at times. My site makes it easy to contact me. My primary art form is Shibui Found Image Art. Shibui begins with action art and stems from the imagination. It is like seeing something in the clouds or solving a puzzle. Its creative process has its own rules and requires what I call reverse engineering due to a lack of an understructure and purely out of the imagination. In addition to those who patron me, my target groups are those who use art therapy. I will soon be teaching live. Contact me if you would like to learn live. I use Zoom. I request that although my art, other images, and what I write is now published by me here on WordPress; I do ask you do not to use my artwork, poetry, or the information about Shibui Found Image Art without my permission. I am quite available to make such requests. I wish to share the following: The existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote a book called The Ethics of Ambiguity. In it, she lays out a guiding ethic in response to the philosophy of existentialism. It might be somewhat familiar to you already. She writes, “To will oneself free is also to will others free. This will is not an abstract formula. It points out to each person concrete action to be achieved.” Best wishes to all! Have good times and keep safe! Pejj

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